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Hi everyone!! I’m back with another TS3/TS4 comparison picture!!! Like a sequel to the first one I posted last week on and that everybody suddenly shared all over the world!! Thank you all again!!

I chose to reproduce this image simply because I think it’s the more complex one than we have so far, and therefore one of the most difficult to reproduce (If only I knew how really hard it would be to do that…) but I also think it intelligently shows that the Sims 4 graphics are far from being awful, they are full of spells, heat and very pleasant to the eye.

Let me tell you how I made this picture:

Firstly, I would like to clarify that no editing  has been done on the image, except changing the color of both cherry trees in the background, and flowers in front of the house, since none of them matched the colors of the plants of the original picture, it was only to match colors for these elements. I deliberately chose to not do any other editing to not distort the authenticity of the graphics and the light of The Sims 3.

At first, I wanted to use only the Sims 3 base game to make a “base game VS. base game” comparison image, but too many items were missing to make the image as faithful as possible, so I abandoned that idea and I used all EPs and SPs.

I used the ( beautifully disastrous and deplorable ) Create a World Tool to place practically everything, I looked the direction of the shadows, I created textures with Photoshop for the road and sidewalks, then I have traced them, placed trees, bla bla bla, finished with building houses and the curved bridge. I exported the world, installed it in the game, then I created the 3 sims at the bottom of the picture, I placed them, positioned the camera and voilà!

I think it took me over 6 hours (not straight) to do it.

The three biggest problems were, first, to take the time to review all the catalogs of the game and the CAW to find items that are most similar to those of the original picture. A big problem on the windows of the house, impossible to place them properly since they are 1x1 square, while I wanted them to be at the center of two squares, so I was forced to download the same windows on ModTheSims but in 2x1, then I also downloaded matching shutters.

Another difficult thing was to manage with the roof of the house so it looks visually acceptable. Moreover, you can see missing corners in moldings of the roof, and for some reason they appeared completely black, like unenlightened, so I fixed it as best I could.

I also wanted to raise the height of the 1st floor, but as the beams of the porch didn’t followed, the result was horrible so I left at normal height.

And finally, the bridge in the background was rather difficult to achieve, besides it does not look as good as I wanted to, because of the curving thing.

The first comparison image I did was so easy compared to this one, trust me! But I still had fun doing it and I realized how The Sims 4 are visually more accomplished and beautiful than its predecessor, with lots of surprising and lovely details! The build mode really seems to have been redesigned, at least more than what I thought couple months ago.

Voilà ! Hope you like it!!!

Love from Paris. ❤

NEO - The Rabbit

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Alyssa McCartney: The Troublemaker

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I’m in absolute love with this hat by m1ssduo. Using a sim I quickly made an hour ago. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day <3 

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Do you want to build a snowman?
Come on, let’s go and play!
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
It’s like you’ve gone away
We used to be best buddies
And now we’re not
I wish you would tell me why!
Do you want to build a snowman?
It doesn’t have to be a snowman…

Go away, Anna.

Okay, bye…

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Aara Fairbrook 2014

So after digging I found an extremely old file of the original Aara Fairbrook on my old computer :D I got inspiration to revamp her while testing a freckled skin for Ops-Sim.

Original Aara Fairbrook only had a mole with no freckles because back then (early 2012) I knew diddly squat about freckles. So the left side pictures are without freckles and right side is with them.

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Erin O’Dell: A favourite of mine and my viewers. She aged up a week or two ago. ♥

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